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Tilta Alexa Mini Rig Cables

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Tilta Alexa Mini Rig Cables

$ 155.00

Media Blackout's cables for the Tilta Alexa Mini Rig are high-quality, customizable replacement cables for the Alexa Mini cage by Tilta, including power input and EXT.

There are currently two versions of the Alexa Mini Rig, the standard rig (ESR-T06-A) and the rental house rig (ESR-P02). The standard rig uses a 4-pin input connector, while the rental house rig uses a 6-pin input connector.

Media Blackout also offers a multitude of SDI cables, Arri RS cables for follow focus devices, and many other devices in our catalog

All Media Blackout cable assemblies use genuine parts and high-quality cable. Cable assemblies are made to order at our office in Culver City, CA. If you need custom assemblies, please contact us.

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