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Tentacle Sync Cables

1-3 Week Lead Time

Tentacle Sync Cables

$ 40.00

Media Blackout's Tentacle Sync Cables can be ordered to work with the Tentacle Sync's timecode input/output, audio output, or micro USB charge connections.

Timecode direction as listed in the options is relative to the Tentacle Sync. Input means that timecode will travel from your device into the Tentacle Sync, and output means that timecode will travel from the Tentacle Sync to your device. 

Timecode + Audio cables split the Tentacle Sync's 3.5mm (1/8") connector into two separate cables of the same length (contact us for custom lengths.) Micro USB charge cables regulate power from up to 24V down to 5V, 3A.

All Media Blackout cable assemblies use genuine parts and high-quality cable. Cable assemblies are made to order at our office in Los Angeles, CA. If you need custom assemblies, please contact us.

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