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MegaFlex Upgrade for Red LCD/EVF

$ 150.00

Media Blackout's MegaFlex Upgrade for Red LCD/EVF is a repair/replacement for old, stiff 16-conductor cable. Send us your old Red EVF/LCD cables to upgrade to our amazing MegaFlex cable! We will replace your old cable with our gimbal-friendly, lightweight, extremely flexible MegaFlex cable whether your cable is in working condition or not. This is a great way to get new life out of your existing EVF/LCD cables. We will make the upgraded cable whatever length you need, and we will replace broken Lemo inserts/pins.

Media Blackout's MegaFlex Red LCD/EVF Cable, like our entire MegaFlex line, is uniquely thin, extremely flexible, and very high-quality cable. MegaFlex is the preferred line of cables for use in gimbal rigs like the DJI Ronin, Freefly Movi, and Letus Helix. Our proprietary MegaFlex cable is custom-manufactured to our specifications locally in the Greater Los Angeles area, features a fully braided shield for maximum RF protection, has a minimum bend radius of about .95″, and  has a nominal diameter of .157″.

Customers are responsible for shipping cables to Media Blackout. Return shipping charges are calculated on checkout. Shipping can be combined with other products if they are in the same order. Upon checkout, you will be sent instructions on shipping your cable to Media Blackout.

Media Blackout only uses genuine Lemo connectors and high-quality cable that is made in the Greater Los Angeles area.

* NOTE: Some users have experienced firmware issues with their Red 7" monitors that include intermittent signal, image noise, lack of touchscreen responsiveness, or no signal at all. These problems are out of our control. We expect these issues to clear up as Red pushes out firmware updates. We cannot guarantee that our MegaFlex Red LCD/EVF Cable will not have these issues with a Red 7" monitor at this time, or in the future. 

Media Blackout will ONLY accept cables that use genuine Lemo connectors with both Lemo shells intact. Media Blackout is not currently changing the Lemo shells on upgraded cables, so what you send in is what you get back. If the cable you send in does not meet these guidelines, it will be sent back, and you will be refunded less shipping costs. PLEASE NOTE: Some Lemo clones cannot be reassembled once they are disassembled. Media Blackout is not responsible for replacing any counterfeit Lemo cables or parts in the event a cable cannot be reassembled.

This is not a complete cable! If you are looking for a new MegaFlex Red LCD/EVF cable, please follow the link.

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