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Clamp-On Trigger Interface Cables

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Clamp-On Trigger Interface Cables

$ 90.00

Media Blackout's Clamp-On Trigger Interface Cables are meant to be used with our Clamp-On Trigger. The trigger interface utilizes a standard 4-pin Hirose connector and provides camera trigger and tally confirmation with compatible devices.

We currently offer remote start compatibility for the following cameras:

  • 2.5mm TRS - C300 and compatible LANC cameras (with tally confirmation)
  • 4-pin Hirose - Sony, Panasonic, Arri Amira and compatible cameras (with tally confirmation)
  • 3-pin Fischer - Arri Alexa and compatible cameras (no tally confirmation)
  • 7-pin Lemo - Arri Alexa Mini (no tally confirmation)
  • 4-pin Lemo - Red DSMC (Schmitt trigger requires P-Tap power) and DSMC2 (no tally confirmation)
  • BNC for adapting to breakout boxes (no tally confirmation)

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