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2-Pin Lemo Cable

$ 90.00

2-Pin Lemo Cables (Lemo part # FGG.0B.302.CLAZ) are standard for Arri, Red, Preston, and many other brands. These cable assemblies are meant to connect a power source to a device that uses this connector.

2-Pin Lemo to 2-Pin Lemo cables can be wired in two ways: straight polarity, where pin-1 on connector one is wired to pin-1 on connector two; and crossover polarity, where pin-1 on connector one is wired to pin-2 on connector two. Crossover cables are used to adapt devices with opposite polarity: like a Bartech receiver to be powered from an Alexa 12V output, or a Teradek transmitter to be powered from a Letus Helix.

2-pin Lemo cables come in standard high-quality Mogami cable, but can be ordered with these premium cable options:

  • MegaFlex cable is the thinnest, lightest, and most flexible available cable Media Blackout offers. Eliminate cable drag in gimbals, robotic heads, and other specialty applications with MegaFlex. Made in the Greater Los Angeles Area to our specifications.
  • Retractile Cable coils are lightweight, have a small diameter, and retain their shape even with heavy use. Coils help keep cable clutter down on camera rigs; this especially helps in instances where a loose cable can affect the balance of a stabilizer like a Steadicam or brushless gimbal. Made in the Greater Los Angeles Area to our specifications.

If you need help choosing the correct polarity cable, please see our Help Center article on the subject. We are also available to answer any questions you might have, just contact us.

All Media Blackout cable assemblies use genuine parts and high-quality cable. Cable assemblies are made to order at our office in Culver City, CA. If you need custom assemblies, please contact us.

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