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Media Blackout Terms and Conditions

Please Read; this limits our liability:

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Media Blackout strives to guarantee 100% satisfaction with all of our products. We want you to be satisfied with the value and quality of your purchase. If for any reason, you are not satisfied please contact us.

By placing an order with Media Blackout, LLC (Media Blackout) through, or one of our authorized agents, you are entering into a purchase agreement. This agreement is bound by the Media Blackout Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer: The products on this site are considered professional products, and they are being sold with the assumption that the end user has a working knowledge of the parts being used and DC power and its dangers if misused. Do not try to pull more than any product’s rated amperage, and do not attempt to operate any product outside of the specified voltage range. No warranty is given if any product sold by Media Blackout is used improperly. Any damage caused while using any of the products sold by Media Blackout will be the sole liability of the user. Always check your power source, cabling, and the power specification of your device! We recommend that the end user test any new cable or device with a multimeter before first use.

Cables are wired for the devices specified. If you are not using a cable with the device in the product description, please contact us before placing an order. If you are not sure about the power specifications needed for your equipment, please refer to the device manufacturer or contact us before purchasing.

Online orders: If any customizations are needed, or if you have any questions about a product when placing orders via our online store, do not rely on the "notes" input on the checkout page as your sole means of communicating that information to us. We do check every order for notes, but we do not guarantee that any notes will affect how your order is processed. Please contact us with any questions before placing an order; including, but not limited to: lead time or rush processing requests, custom labels, length or connector variations, custom wiring specifications, etc.

Quotes: Quotes for custom products are valid for two weeks from their creation, or for the time duration specified on the quote. In cases wherein the the client does not remit payment within a reasonable amount of time to complete the order within the previous specified delivery time frame, a new delivery time frame will be created.

Line items on quotes and invoices will call-out Lemo and other part numbers. The purpose of including part numbers is to assure that the correct parts are being ordered and assembled. It is the responsibility of the client to cross-check the part numbers with their product’s user manual or with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

Customization and design: Custom products, including those that are customizations of Media Blackout's existing products are sold as-is. It is up to the client to confirm the specifications of any products that appear on quotations and invoices before payment is remitted. Once a client remits payment for a custom product, it is understood that the client has approved the work to be done as it appears on the invoice. 

All design work performed by Media Blackout is the sole Intellectual property of Media Blackout. It is also understood that any customization to an existing product, or completely new design commissioned by a client of Media Blackout is the intellectual property of Media Blackout. Media Blackout may charge a fee for such design work, but it is understood that such fees do not constitute a purchase of any intellectual property; it is rather a compensation for time and expertise. Any reverse engineering, cloning, or otherwise reproducing a product or design based on Media Blackout's intellectual property is strictly forbidden without prior express written permission.

Expedited service: Media Blackout offers expedited processing in some cases. Expedited service does not guarantee a delivery date; it is a rush processing service. Forces out of our control can delay delivery of expedited orders. While these delays are not common, orders affected by them cannot be cancelled, nor can an expedite fee be refunded. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about expedited service.

Made to order: Due to the nature of custom cabling and electronics, items marked “In stock” may or may not be fully assembled. In these cases, items may not ship immediately. All posted lead-times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Actual processing times range based on several variables, and lead-times may be shorter or longer than estimated on product pages. Parts will be ordered, and work will begin once payment is remitted on custom orders. To check on the estimated shipping date of any product, please contact us before placing an order.

Lead Time: Most of Media Blackout's products carry a lead time. A lead time is the length of time that it will take to process new orders, acquire necessary parts (if applicable), and to assemble those parts into a finished product. Lead time estimates are listed on each item's respective product page. The listed lead time estimates are not a guarantee of a shipping or delivery date. Lead times do not include shipping transit time.

Delivery: Media Blackout does not guarantee delivery dates. We will do our best to meet your schedule, and we will notify you at the earliest possible time if we cannot meet an expected delivery date. All delivery dates are subject to change. We will do our best to give notice in delivery date changes, but a notice is not guaranteed. Please contact us at any time after placing an order to get the latest estimated delivery date.

Shipping: All orders are FOB origin. To minimize delay or loss in transit for international orders, it is recommended to use a shipping provider with international tracking, like FedEx. Media Blackout will only insure items up to $100 with the shipping provider, so it is recommended that clients have their own insurance policies for items in transit. Media Blackout is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs after a product has left our facility, nor are we responsible for any loss incurred by shipping delays. If you wish to ship on your own freight account, please contact us before ordering. Media Blackout is not responsible for customs duties or any other import duties or costs.

If an order is refused at time of delivery, items will be treated as abandoned and may be destroyed, dismantled, or resold as b-stock; no refund shall be awarded in this event. If a previously shipped order is returned to Media Blackout for any reason, it is the responsibility of the recipient to arrange redelivery and to cover any further shipping costs.

In the event of a shipping delay, exception, or loss, please contact the shipping provider (FedEx, USPS or their local shipping partner, etc.) In the event that the shipping provider cannot help you, please contact Media Blackout for further assistance, and we will do our best to open an enquiry with the shipping provider.

In some cases, delivery dates that have been estimated by the shipping provider may be inaccurate. The shipping provider may be able to provide a partial or full refund if a guaranteed delivery date is missed. In these cases, please notify Media Blackout so that we may open an enquiry with the shipping provider. Media Blackout is not responsible for reimbursement of shipping costs caused by delays.

Inspection: All orders must be inspected immediately for any discrepancies upon delivery. Any order that is missing any items, or has erroneous items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Products must be inspected and tested within 72 hours of delivery for any faults. Return shipping will only be covered for missing/erroneous items that are reported within the aforementioned timeframes, respectively. Any faults that occur after the first 72 hours are covered by our standard limited warranty.

Warranty: Media Blackout does its best to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. All Media Blackout products carry a limited, non-transferrable warranty. BNC cables, power supplies, and products that use consumer components (including but not limited to USB connectors, DC barrels, etc.) carry a 90-day warranty on manufacturing defects. Lemo, Fischer, and other professional cables carry a one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Shipping costs are not covered under warranty. Any warranty returns or repairs must be approved by Media Blackout before any item is shipped to our office. Shipments not approved by Media Blackout may be rejected.

If you experience any problems with one of our products, or if you would like to inquire as to a product's specific warranty, please contact us so that we may assist you.

All Sales Final: All sales are non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR). Exchanges and returns may be accepted at the discretion of Media Blackout in cases of fault in craftsmanship only, and only if an item cannot be repaired.

Chargebacks: In the event that a client of Media Blackout initiates a credit card chargeback or other form of payment reversal to circumvent Media Blackout's Terms and Conditions, the client will be responsible for the original invoice amount and any fees incurred (including but not limited to: chargeback fees, legal fees, collection fees, bank or merchant account fees, shipping fees) by Media Blackout as a result of the chargeback or reversal. An additional interest amount of 1.5% per month from the original payment due date will be added.