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Cable Insurance

Media Blackout's Cable Insurance is the best way to ensure that your cables will stay working due to any cause of damage, even damage not covered under our standard warranty. With Cable Insurance, our clients do not have to worry about warranties or repair costs; all you have to do is keep up with a low monthly fee and small per-occurrence deductible, and you will always have working cables.

How it works: Purchase cable insurance before, or up to 48 hours after purchase of your Media Blackout cables. If a cable breaks for any reason, Media Blackout will repair, refurbish, or replace the cable at no cost. It is the client's responsibility for shipping costs to Media Blackout. USPS First Class Mail return shipping is free within the United States. Other shipping services, including international shipping will be provided at an additional charge. Upon receipt of delivery to Media Blackout, the client will be charged a $10.00 per-occurrence, per-cable deductible.

Terms and conditions: Cable Insurance applies to any Media Blackout-brand professional cable assembly that is available on our online store. Cable Insurance must be purchased before, or up to 48 hours after purchase of any Media Blackout cables. Cables must have their original serial number attached. Insurance does not cover bracketry, 3D printed products, or electronics. Cable insurance cannot be used if an item is owned by or consigned at a rental house, or if the primary use of the cable is for lease to 3rd parties. Insurance payments must be kept current in order to maintain membership in the program. If any payment is skipped, the Cable Insurance membership will be restarted, and only cables purchased up to 48 hours before the membership is restarted will be covered under the program.

Terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.