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Media Blackout now offers Postmates delivery!

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Media Blackout knows that productions are often in a crunch, and a runner is needed to fulfill local orders as fast as possible. Sometimes your production can't spare a runner, or maybe you are at a prep where there is no one available to make runs on your behalf.

That's why Media Blackout has partnered with Postmates to offer deliveries on-demand within 10 miles of our Culver City location. Deliveries are made same-day, and are delivered within two hours of pickup from our office.

To use Postmates, just add an item to your cart from our [Stocked] inventory. A Postmates estimate will appear section of the checkout page. You may leave delivery instructions for on the shipping page to let the Postmate know where to meet you and how to find you at your location. Once your order is placed, your items will be fulfilled by our team, and a Postmates driver will be requested.

Once the driver has taken possession of the order, you will be able to get text or email updates of the delivery, and you may also monitor the Postmate driver's location from your order status page. Once the Postmate driver arrives at your location, you will be notified, and you will have five minutes to meet your Postmate.

Your postmate delivery is paid for during checkout, so you will not need to worry about payment on arrival.

Here are some things to know about Media Blackout's Postmates delivery option:

  • Postmates delivery is currently only available for [Stocked] items or manual orders. If you add a made to order item to your cart, Postmates will not appear as a shipping option.
  • Postmates pickups are available only during Media Blackout's business hours - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Postmates couriers may not always be available for pickup, even if a rate is provided at checkout. The service will look for couriers up to 30 minutes from the moment you create a delivery to be fulfilled with Postmates. If a courier is not available in this time, the delivery will be canceled and the Postmates fee will be refunded or applied to a different delivery type.
  • Postmates offers a maximum of $250 of discretionary coverage for items that are lost or damaged during delivery.
  • A Postmates delivery person will wait at the delivery location for five minutes. If no one is available to receive the order, the Postmate will return the package to Media Blackout. No refund will be awarded in this case.
  • There is a $5 cancellation fee for scheduled Postmates deliveries that are cancelled before the order is picked up by Postmates. Orders in transit cannot be cancelled.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange Postmates deliveries on a manual order, please contact us.

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