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Media Blackout Adds Lemo Power Connector to SmallHD 500/700 Monitors

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Media Blackout has been modifying professional cinema and broadcast equipment since 2014, starting with Blackmagic Design's Hyperdeck Shuttle, and continuing with Atomos' Samurai and Ninja monitor/recorders.

Since July 2016, we have been modifying SmallHD's 700 Series monitors with either a Lemo battery output, or a regulated Lemo input. Very soon we will be adding SmallHD's 500 Series monitors to our list of upgradables. 

Fast Upgrades For When You Need Power

Our 700 Series monitor upgrades are able to be performed in 1-3 business days - That's fast! We've become very efficient at modifying these monitors, and our turn-around shows it. We can even accept a brand new drop-shipped monitor from your retailer of choice. That means you can buy it new on Monday and have it upgraded and in your hands by the end of the week.

First There Was 700 - Soon There Will Be 500

Our 700 Series mod was introduced in July, 2016, and we have now cracked the 500 series monitors, as well. The biggest hurdle with modifying these monitors is looking for space to add wiring, a regulator, and a Lemo connector. The 700 series monitor had just enough space to add a Lemo to the case and house a regulator inside, but the 500 series monitors are so minimal, that we had to think outside the case!

SmallHD 500 Series Lemo Upgrade

That's when we came up with our solution. The 500 Series Lemo Upgrade will include a replacement mounting block for the back of the monitor. This milled aluminum block will house the Lemo connector and regulator board, giving us the much needed room for the additions. While this eliminates the mounting point on the back side of the monitor, it will still supply a mounting point on its underside. 

Monitors With No DC Inputs

The common thread among our modifications is adding proper connectors to professional devices. Some devices have non-standard coaxial connectors, and we can upgrade them to connectors commonly use on set, like full-size BNC jacks.

The most frustrating problem with these otherwise excellent devices is a lack of proper DC power input. SmallHD's current line of field monitors have no DC input. 500 and 700 Series monitors only offer battery plates made for DSLR or DV batteries. While this is a great convenience for those looking for a simple and lightweight way of powering their device, it also means that batteries have to be swapped more often, and the camera assistant needs to keep track of and charge several different battery types on most productions. Most camera assistants prefer to run an on-board monitor from a professional Gold Mount or V-Mount battery mounted on the camera, like those from Anton/Bauer or IDX.

While we at Media Blackout are very proud of our very unique solution, the BreakerBatt, which features a regulated, polarity agnostic input, and power loop-through. However, we still thought that an add-on solution was not the best for working professionals. That's when we decided to take a crack at an otherwise impossible modification. We've added a standard 2-pin Lemo connector to SmallHD's new line of monitors.

Wide Input Voltage is Necessary

Not only has Media Blackout made it possible to plug a DC cable directly into SmallHD's 500/700 series monitors, we are allowing those monitors to run from voltages up to 36V. That means the monitor can run from two 14.4 batteries running in parallel, even when fully charged.

Protection Circuits Are a Necessity

All of Media Blackout's regulators are highly efficient, robust, and made in the USA. These regulators feature short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, and a soft-start feature that reduces inrush current, so you don't need to worry about damaging your device with bad or improperly wired cables.

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