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What cables you will need for your new Panasonic Varicam LT

Varicam LT

On February 10th, 2016, Panasonic announced it's newest foray into the large sensor professional camera market with the Varicam LT. Since the Camera is scheduled to start shipping at the end of march, you'll want to place your order for cables right away so that you'll be ready to shoot on day one!

With a bevy of features, it's safe to say that their new camera is no slouch when compared to rival products from Red, Arri, Sony, Canon, and others, but what really sets this camera apart are the standardized I/O available on the camera body. It seems like when other manufacturers are opting for proprietary connections (like Red's 6-pin Lemo power, or Canon's 4-pin Lemo power), Panasonic is using broadcast standard interconnects.

Power Input - 4-pin XLR

The Varicam LT uses a standard 4-pin XLR connector for power. XLR connectors are great because they are cheap, readily available, and can handle high current loads.

Media Blackout's 4-pin XLR power cables can be found here:

PowerBlock 250W Power Supply: 

Tendril Retractile Block Battery Cable:

Accessory Power & Remote Start - 4-pin Hirose

Panasonic has opted for standard broadcast interconnects for accessory outputs and remote start, utilizing 4-pin Hirose connectors. Again, this means cheap, reliable, and easily acquired cables for your accessories. Hirose accessory power cables for the Varicam LT are interchangeable with those used on Sony cameras.

Media Blackout offers accessory power and remote start cables for Varicam LT here:

Time Code, Genlock & SDI - Standard BNC

Panasonic has also opted for broadcast standard (seeing a pattern here?) BNC ports for SDI (three total outputs), timecode in and out, as well as genlock input.

Media Blackout has great thin BNC cables, as well as MegaFlex for gimbal users:

Audio - Standard XLR

The Varicam LT has four channels of audio between three XLR jacks. The first two channels are combined into a 5-pin XLR a la Arri Alexa, and the other two channels use standard 3-pin XLR jacks. Although Media Blackout does not offer standard XLR audio cables on the site, we can make unique designs that you can't find anywhere else by contacting us.


You may also want to  add some standard 2-pin Lemo jacks and a P-Tap receptacle to your new Varicam rig. You can achieve this without BrekerBox. The Breakerbox provides two 2-pin Lemo jacks and one rectified P-Tap output from most standard power outputs using one of its three 2-pin Lemo jacks. Since the Varicam's 4-pin Hirose accessory outputs only supplies 1A, you may want to you is with a P-Tap cable from the battery plate.


P-Tap Cable:

As the Varicam LT has just been announced, we don't have all the information on things like EVF cables, handgrip cables, etc. This blog post will be updated as we get new information on the camera from Panasonic. In the meantime, you can contact us to place orders for custom assemblies or just to ask questions.


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