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Atomos Samurai Blade Lemo Modification

Update: this mood is now available on our web store, here.

Media Blackout doesn’t just make products to use with your professional equipment. We also love modifying your pro equipment to better suit your needs.

Take the Atomos Samurai Blade: full HD, uncompressed 10/8 bit 4:2:2 recording with built-in 720p IPS, capacitive touch screen. This recorder has been a great choice for DPs, DITs, video assists, and Steadicam operators who wish to record to a deliverable format for clients, review footage, and keep raw takes for their reels (with the blessing of the producers, of course).

One of the biggest caveats of Atomos recorders is the lack of a DC input. Atomos prefers to use “dummy” batteries; that’s an empty battery analog that provides an unregulated DC input from external sources. That means you have a bulky DC connector (the dummy battery) that is more likely to disconnect while in use (although, the Samurai Blade has a much more secure latch than some other Atomos products.)

This is where the mod comes in; Lemo connectors are widely accepted as the best combination of ruggedness, availability, and price. With the addition of a 2-pin 0B Lemo jack, The Atomos Samurai Blade can be upgraded for use with one of the most prevalent cable types in cinema and broadcast. Just about everyone in the camera department owns a “Lemo cable.

Take a look at our mod overview video:

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